Vegetarian Lasagna – Complete Recipe & Guide for Dummies

I always daydreamed about making perfect lasagna at home, but never quite succeeded since all the recipes easily available on the internet proved to be not so tasty as lasagna at my fav lasagna place in Zagreb (A1 restaurant).

So, after my son was born, I wasn’t able to go out dining anymore and had to experiment at home. That lead me to some great discoveries, which I will gladly share here.

After you read this and with a little patience and practice, you will be able to make perfect vegetarian lasagna and you will be complimented by your guests ;)

This recipe is for the mushroom lasagna, not veggie, simply because it tastes much much better, but you can experiment on your own, you will find a good base here for any kind.

Wavy pasta
Wavy pasta

Ingredients (4 servings):

1/2 pack lasagna pasta

7 table mushrooms

350 gr / 12.5 oz gouda cheese

100 gr / 3.5 oz mozzarella

70 gr / 2.5 oz butter

1 cup of flour

2 teaspoons of salt

2 teaspoons of oregano

1 nutmeg

1/2 liter / 2 cups of milk

1/2 cup of cooking cream


pot with boiling water
pot with boiling water

We’re starting with an empty bowl. You must NEVER EVER put pasta into bowl and then pour boiling water over it. Pasta will stick together if you do that and become unusable. So, first boil the water and then put pasta, leaf by leaf, into it.

I am using wavy pasta, colored with tomato, but you can use any other lasagna pasta. Just be careful, if you don’t eat eggs like me, most of lasagna pastas contain eggs.


It is important to put pasta leaves perpendicular to each other, to prevent possible sticking.

After you put them all into bowl (I use approximately half of the package), leave them for a minute or two and then just rinse in cold water, fill the bowl with cold water and leave the pasta in it until you need to use it.

Don’t leave pasta in hot water, or you will overcook it.

Then prepare the mushrooms.

table mushrooms
table mushrooms


Wash them gently and use light knife to slice them. The slices should be as thin as possible.

thin slices of table shrooms
thin slices of table shrooms

Then prepare the cheeses.

mozzarella & gouda
mozzarella & gouda

You grate the gouda and tear mozzarella by hand into smaller peaces. You could do it with knife, but this is nicer as mozzarella has lovely structure.


Now you prepared everything except béchamel sauce.

Take a deep but not too large bowl. It should be wider, not deeper type, but it should contain at least 2 liters since you will make approximately 1 liter of béchamel.

Put the butter into it and melt it slowly.

melted butter
melted butter

Then you grant the nutmeg into it. Not all nutmeg, just a quarter or less.

NutmegThen slowly put the flour into the butter and use a hand foamer to get an even paste. Put flour little by little and stir until it becomes light brown or gold.


If you get these kind of stuff it means there needs to be more butter, so add some.

butter and flour
butter and flour

Now pour cream into this and stir with foamer until it starts to thicken. Then start adding warm milk, little by little and stir all the time.

this bechamel is still too thick
this bechamel is still too thick

Bechamel is finished when you have a nice, evenly textured, smooth, creamy and foamy sauce. Right before you finish it, put salt and oregano in it and cook a minute or two.

oregano in bechamel
oregano in bechamel

Let it sit under a cover and prepare a pot for baking lasagna. Perfect lasagna pot is made of porcelain (china), but it must be heat resistant. Smudge olive oil all over the pot to prevent lasagna from sticking to it.


Now take pasta leaf from the cold water and put it into the pot, creating the first lasagna layer.


If one leaf is not enough then cut some of another. That will not destroy the nice looks of final dish.

Then put approximately 7 spoons of bechamel on it, add mushrooms and then Gouda cheese.

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Now repeat all these steps three more times and add mozzarella cheese to last two layers. After you have finished with layering, throw some oregano or basil on top.


Put in warm oven and bake/cook in 200°C (392F) for 30 minutes. Then bake 10 more minutes and use warmer temperature (250C/482F). Please, note that each oven is different and you’ll need to adjust these settings probably.



And lasagna is finished!

vegetarian lasagna

Serve with lettuce salad and enjoy!