Moi Kidz

I am a mom of a 16 month old boy named Raven. I am also a radical feminist, I care about environment and I love nice, good quality ethical clothing.

So, I was excited beyond belief when I found a kids fashion brand that supports all my beliefs and strivings and even suits my sons name!

Moi’s designs are inspired by nature and especially ravens <3 There is a very cute story behind this brand:

Both the name and logo of Mói is the name of an Icelandic raven (Krummi in Icelandic) that was the designer’s family member for years as it made itself welcome nearly every day for many years. The family fed the bird everyday and offered him a shelter and named him Mói.

my son Raven

Also, the brand strives for ethical, slow fashion. To use their words:

Mói is committed to create an eco friendly product that indulges comfort as well as funk and attitude. The inner labels Mói uses on their products are printed in order to secure desirable comfort and feel for the little ones that use the garments. All tags are made from recyclable materials to minimize harm to the earth and to its people.


But something very important is also that the clothes are unisex. It was so frustrating for me to find that, when kids are in question, everything is genderized beyond belief. I think genderizing is very harmful to people, especially to children, so I really appreciate brands that are doing the opposite.







And how cute are these gals and fella!!!!!!



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