nuno by kteis

Nuno Felt Tryout

I was very busy these days trying to explore and perfect the craft of making the nuno felt. It is a technique of mixing silk and wool fibers and cloth into a beautiful structured texture.
Wool felting and making cloth from it is something made by humans since the prehistoric times, though it remained mostly in Russia and Lithuania till today.
Nuno felting, on the other hand, is a recently discovered (early 90’s) technique by a fashion and textile designer Polly Sterling and her assistant Sachiko Kotaka who is Japanese. So they’ve used the word ‘nuno’ to describe the result as the word means textile or cloth in Japanese.

white silk nuno felt tryout

Now, I know this little project of mine is not much and just a start, but I was so happy that I managed to create something that beautiful, I simply had to share :)
Hopefully it will soon grow into some real scarves and garments.

white merino nuno felt tryout

I used white merino wool and combined it with chiffon silk 3.5mm.