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By: John Hunter Peel Alexander, MD

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One study order ivermectin 3mg on-line zinc vs antibiotics for acne, which took as many costs as possible into account, estimated average annual public sector costs from 1995 to 1997, which are presented by commodity and type of facility in Table X-2. Figures X-1 and X-2 show individual commodity costs and total commodity costs under the assumption of a continuation of the contraceptive method mix trend of 1989 to 1998, continuation of the fertility decline trend of 1993 to 1998, and a projected annual growth rate in condom use of 7% annually (Scenario 1). Figure X-2 shows that the funding needed for all commodities would increase by 33% (from $7. The large increase in funding needed under the continuing method mix assumption makes it clear that this is not an optimal scenario for Kenya. Assumptions about increases in condoms and fertility decline are the same as in Scenario 1. Obviously, the potential public sector savings of a method mix that includes a higher proportion of long-term method users are substantial. Since different financial forecasts would result depending on which estimate was used, caution should be used in selecting one, or perhaps a range should be forecast. Although different studies use different methodologies that result in a range of estimates, some general comparisons can be made: All estimates for the cost of pills are roughly equivalent or lower than the comparable injectable estimates. It can be enormously challenging to administer and implement cost recovery schemes in an equitable yet worthwhile way. To minimize or avoid turning away clients who cannot afford to pay or can pay very little, some clinics charge different amounts based on the socioeconomic level of the community served. The in charge? clinic personnel also have the discretion to waive fees in truly indigent cases. Public sector clients do not pay for commodities, but 40% of them pay for transportation to clinics. Could this be the result of a widespread perception and expectation that condoms are widely available for free? Some of the key informants we interviewed felt that research was warranted to discover how much various service delivery points could charge without decreasing use and, more particularly, creating a barrier to use among high-risk groups (Allen and Welsh, 1999). Once fees are introduced, on-going research will be needed on how clients respond to fees, whether prevalence rates are affected, and whether method mix is affected. While change in this area cannot be quick or easy, exploring every option is worthwhile. The first African country to promulgate a national programme, it has gone on to provide millions of Kenyan women and men with a range of contraceptive choices in just three decades. Even through economic downturns, Kenya has managed not only to maintain its commitment to reproductive health care service provision, but to expand services to burgeoning urban populations and hard to-reach rural citizens. Rather, a variety of innovative approaches have been tried, and initiatives in many areas of the private sector have been actively encouraged in a cooperati ve atmosphere.


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Such an approach incorporates family perspectives cheap 3 mg ivermectin with amex antibiotics for acne buy online, offers real choices, and respects the decisions made by the family for themselves and their children. All counseling should be sensitive to cultural diversity, and a skilled translator should be used when the primary language of the mother-to-be is not spoken by the health care provider. Hospital and program leaders should communicate the concepts of patient centered and family-centered care consistently and clearly to staff, students, families, and communities through statements of vision, mission, and philoso phy and through institutional policies and actions. This includes respecting the choices, values, and cultural backgrounds of expectant mothers, new mothers, and other family members; communicating honestly and openly; promoting opportunities for mutual support and information sharing; and collaborating in the development and evaluation of services. Family-centered practices can help expectant families and new families become nurturing caregivers. Efforts should be made throughout the neonatal course to promote continuous contact between newborns and their families. Economic interests and decisions should never take priority over the best interests of the newborn, the mother, the family, and the community in keep ing the family together. When separation of the family unit is necessitated by the requirement for a higher level of care for the mother or newborn, the responsibility for maintaining communication and involvement of the family in decisions relating to care should be shared by the entire health care team. Whenever medically feasible, a mother whose newborn has been transferred to another hospital should be discharged or transferred to the same facility. Staff interactions and unit policies at every level should consistently reinforce the importance of family for the health and well-being of their newborn. Families? strengths and capabilities should be the foundation on which to build compe tency and confidence in caregiving abilities. Preserving an individual sense of personal responsibility and identity is important for the optimum outcome of pregnancy and family life. Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Care In addition to being family-centered, perinatal health care systems should be culturally and linguistically appropriate. The publication of National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Healthcare by the Office of Minority Health of the U. Department of Health and Human Services emphasizes the need to address these long-standing disparities through the implementation and evaluation of culturally sensitive and compe tent health care. Department of Health and Human Services agencies, along with other federal agencies, health care organizations, accreditation bodies, patient com munities, and private sector organizations to ensure consistent training for health care providers; increase cultural diversity among health care profession als; and empower minority, vulnerable, and underserved patients to participate as equal partners in the health care process and system. Education of the Public About Reproductive Health Insight into the broad social and medical implications of pregnancy and aware ness of reproductive risks, health-enhancing behaviors, and family-planning options are essential for improving the outcomes of pregnancy. Education about reproductive health must be integrated more effectively into the health care sys tem and society at large.

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However generic ivermectin 3mg free shipping antibiotic resistant superbugs, even considering private patients, use of contraception in the early 1970s remained low. Thereafter, national survey data record sharp increases in the percent of reproductive -age women practicing family planning. We do not have historical data for unmarried sexually active women, but we know that in 1998, 36% of sexually active, unmarried women age15 to 49 were using a modern method, and another 10% were using a traditional method. The higher prevalence rates among these women presumably reflect higher motivations to avoid pregnancy. Trends in method mix Contraceptive method mix, in addition to levels of use, is an important determinant of fertility rates. Although current contraceptive use apparently more than doubled between 1977-78 and 1984, there was almost no change in overall fertility rates. For instance, modern method use decreased from 61% to 52% and rhythm use increased from 16% to 25%. Fertility began to decline in Kenya after 1985, when the national-level Maternal Child Health and Family Planning Programme introduced modern methods on a wide scale. More details are summarised below: Ever use? of traditional methods, such as rhythm and abstinence, declined. In 1998, 20% of female current family planning users relied on a traditional method, but this represents a decline from more than 33% of current users in 1989. This is the only method type that steadily declined in its contribution to overall use. This method has the fastest rate of increase in percent contribution to overall current use, from a mere 8% in 1977-78 to nearly 30% by 1993. Trends in dual method use Dual method use (used in this paper to mean the use of male or female condoms along with another, non-barrier method of birth control) is a relatively new phenomenon in Kenya. The potential advantages of dual method use are mitigated by the following: Low compliance levels (using two methods can result in less conscientious use than if clients used only one method). A recent study in Kisumu and Nakuru districts found dual method use during the last month was 4% used all the time?, 8% used sometimes?, and less than 1% used rarely. Substitution is less of a problem than noncompliance, because condoms also protect from pregnancy. Beyond this, policy is that every client should have good quality of care, including method choice. More than 66% of users were supplied by the public sector in 1993, but by 1998 this decreased to 58%. Availability from national-level sources the MoH, with support from donors, obtains almost all of the contraceptives and related expendable commodities used in Kenya.

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